AIP Precision Machining is proud to officially be AS9100:2016 certified as part of our dedication to quality in machining for aerospace applications. To share what that means, we’ve put together the following article to explain what AS9100D:2019 certification is and how we achieved it.


What is the AS9100D:2016 Standard?


AS9100 is a company level certification based on the ISO 9001 quality standard requirements, but with additional requirements based on the needs of the aerospace industry. These satisfy both ISO 9001 quality standards and DOD, NASA and FAA requirements.


This certification is based on “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations,” a standard published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). A third-party certifying body issues AS9100D:2016 certification. Part of this process includes annual or regularly scheduled audits to ensure compliance with the AS9100 standard.


AS9100D is meant for any organization that does business in the aerospace sector, including suppliers, contractors and manufacturers, such as AIP. It’s an internationally accepted standard, though different countries use their own numbering conventions.


As of this blog, AS9100D:2016 is the most recent version of the AS9100, revising the previous issue, AS9100C.


What about this certification helps AIP Precision Machining serve the aerospace market?


For the past 36 years, AIP Precision Machining has been supplying mission-critical polymer and composite components to Tier 1 through 3 aerospace OEMs. The latest AS9100D certification was required as a means to help open new “doors” in this marketplace for AIP. We were already the global leader for technical know-how and capability when considering supply options for aerospace like services due to our talented and advanced team. 


Similar to a job application, great candidates are many times excluded from opportunities due to lacking minimum accreditations. In our journey to offer our talent and services to new US-based or globally located aerospace OEMs, AS9100 certification allows AIP to showcase our capabilities for this market.


“There is no doubt in my mind that AIP is and always had been overly equipped to provide mission-critical precision aerospace components,” said John MacDonald, President of AIP Precision Machining. “It is just that now we have achieved the accreditation to show those who do not know of us that we are capable.”


What about AIP Precision Machining allows us to achieve AS9100D:2016 certification?


“Anyone who tells you that it is not about the people is wrong,” said MacDonald. “Leadership provided the vision and desire to seek out AS9100D certification, but our awesome team at AIP ran the marathon and got us over the finish line. It is also our team who will maintain and continually enhance those key processes to make us better every day at serving our valued customers.”


Want to contact us about aerospace manufacturing?

Get in touch with us online, or see our  AD9100D:2016 certification

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Company News: Retirement

After 40 years in various Quality Control roles—from inspection, regulatory affairs, management, and HSE—Dave Eckroth has retired. Having spent 22 of his 40 years at AIP, his “going-away” party felt like saying goodbye to a family member, not a coworker. We all wish him a safe, happy, healthy and very long retirement.


Dave has been instrumental in the regulatory aspects of AIP’s business, such as attaining our ISO certifications and keeping them up-to-date. He consistently raised the company’s Quality Health, Safety and Environment standards. As Dave has often said, “You can’t measure in quality.”


In Quality Control, Dave was the final gatekeeper to ensure customers received exactly what they ordered. He balanced efficiency with quality, and designed processes and procedures to avoid mistakes and mitigate risks. If a product needed to shift even a thousandth of an inch during inspection, Dave made sure it did.


We celebrated his retirement with a company luncheon. Though Dave could have picked any food, he chose good old-fashioned pizza. Many of us shared how much we’ve enjoyed working with him over the years, including our CEO, John MacDonald. Of Dave’s retirement, he said:


“Moments like this make me think that regardless of the many challenges we face, it is quite unique and special to have a dedicated group of people who have stuck together as a team for so many years.”


Dave thanked everyone and shared that AIP was the best place he’d ever worked. We sent Dave off with balloons and wish him all the best in retirement, where he plans to remodel his old Chevy truck.

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We can’t wait for the biggest Medtech event on the East coast: MD&M East! We’ll be there, ready to talk about implantable devices, medical material components and more. Visit us at our Booth #2370 to learn about our unmatched precision in plastics manufacturing.

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AIP Precision Machining recently attended the 2017 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Conference in San Diego, California, and had a blast reconnecting with old friends and getting to know new members within the orthopedic field.


The AAOS sets out to bring together medical professionals and exhibitors, allowing attendees to meet with their peers and have the opportunity to learn about the latest in medical trends and advancements. It provides a venue for all members of the orthopedic community to gather: attendees range from basic component suppliers to implant designers, surgeons and even patients.


AIP has been attending the AAOS for over a decade now and every year we bring technically advanced products to the show. This year, we showcased our new PREFORM technology, which was a huge hit as trends are moving more and more toward production efficiency and cost reduction.


PREFORM technology weaves PEEK plastic fibers together, molding trauma guides and reusable nailing instruments together to form a one-piece, complex instrument. Combining creative radiolucent guide design with added strength and cost-efficiency, many new and existing OEMs were very excited by the range of opportunities this machinery presents.


Another impressive theme that kept popping up during the show was a major push to move the surgery market towards robotic control. Several new OEM projects already have projects in development that rely solely on robots to prevent human error and increase surgery success rates.


Looking to 2018, we can’t wait for another successful AAOS Meeting—New Orleans, here we come!


If you’d like more information about the creative manufacturing and materials solutions AIP can provide you, give us a call at 386-274-5335.

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