New Orthopedic Solutions at the AAOS Annual Meeting

AIP Precision Machining recently attended the 2017 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Conference in San Diego, California, and had a blast reconnecting with old friends and getting to know new members within the orthopedic field.


The AAOS sets out to bring together medical professionals and exhibitors, allowing attendees to meet with their peers and have the opportunity to learn about the latest in medical trends and advancements. It provides a venue for all members of the orthopedic community to gather: attendees range from basic component suppliers to implant designers, surgeons and even patients.


AIP has been attending the AAOS for over a decade now and every year we bring technically advanced products to the show. This year, we showcased our new PREFORM technology, which was a huge hit as trends are moving more and more toward production efficiency and cost reduction.


PREFORM technology weaves PEEK plastic fibers together, molding trauma guides and reusable nailing instruments together to form a one-piece, complex instrument. Combining creative radiolucent guide design with added strength and cost-efficiency, many new and existing OEMs were very excited by the range of opportunities this machinery presents.


Another impressive theme that kept popping up during the show was a major push to move the surgery market towards robotic control. Several new OEM projects already have projects in development that rely solely on robots to prevent human error and increase surgery success rates.


Looking to 2018, we can’t wait for another successful AAOS Meeting—New Orleans, here we come!


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