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Devices and Defense Operations

In order to survive the rigors of the aerospace and defense industry, AIP produces components with the utmost level of precision. These products are lightweight, radar absorbent and made to last in extreme temperatures.

For over three decades, AIP Precision Machining has worked with leading aerospace and defense engineers and contractors like Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and GE Aviation. Products machined for these industries include:

  • Aircraft Engines, Systems
    and Structural Components

  • Chemical
    Detection Devices

  • Landing Gear

  • Military Targeting
    and Defense Sensors

  • Space and
    Satellite Devices

Our ability to create complicated components with quick turnaround puts us at the forefront of complex polymer machining.

Every product we develop is made from carefully selected materials for your specific application and needs. Our high-performance thermoplastics and CIP compounds made for the aerospace and defense industry feature:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Conductive or Insulative Properties
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Extreme Precision Tolerance (up to 0.002 mm)
  • Finished Smooth Surface
  • High Temperature Resistance (Exceeding 750°F, or 400°C)
  • Lightweight Features
  • No Stress-Induced Distortion
  • Radar Absorption

AIP is certified and registered with AS9100, ITAR, FAA-PMA, EASA and Transport Canada. We satisfy all DOD, NASA and FAA quality requirements.

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