Specialized Industrial

High-Load Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment and Other Advanced Applications

Specialized industries involve specialized materials.

Semiconductor equipment and electronics require survival in extreme environments that include vacuum conditions, high pressure, corrosive chemicals and extreme wear. Heavy industrial equipment demands strength and resilience from materials to handle high-loads, while chemical processing applications such as liquid storage tanks and galvanic tanks need tensile strength and high chemical and corrosion resistance. In an amusement park, properties of impact resistance, weight and durability are key, as well as the ability to maintain aesthetic appeal.

Despite the diversity of these industrial applications, high-performance plastics and composites provide solutions for the needs of each specialized industry we serve, and can be precision machined to your project’s exact specifications.


Machining Applications for Specialized Industries


AIP Precision Machining specializes in producing parts for the following industries:

  • Chemical Processing Icon


  • Food and Beverage Icon

    Food and

  • Semiconductor and Electronics Icon

    and Electronics

  • Heavy Equipment Icon


  • Industrial Equipment Icon


  • Theme Parks Icon


Setting the Standard for Specialized Industrial Plastic Machining


Whether your application requires high strength, low wear, tight tolerance or enhanced aesthetics, we’ll provide the solution with the highest reliability in the shortest lead time. AIP’s equipment works exclusively with plastics and composites, eliminating the risk of contamination, corrosion and deterioration to ensure a high-performing, long-lasting product.


We are AS 9100 compliant; certified and registered with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 and standards in our commitment to machining quality custom plastic components for specialized industrial sectors. Quality assurance is included as an integral part of our process and is addressed at every step of your project, from concept to completion.


In addition, AIP offers the unprecedented turnaround of 10 business days or less for your machined complex prototypes.


40+ Years of Specialized Industrial Plastic Manufacturing Expertise


If you need a fixed tooth polymer labyrinth seal that protects motors and rotors from getting wet, a piston to pump liquid into bottles, or a ring that rotates heavy equipment, we apply our 38+ years of precision machining experience to your project to problem-solve and select the most appropriate material for your application.


As a result, we ensure the precision polymer and composite materials chosen for semiconductors, industrial equipment and other specialized industrial applications possess:


  • Extreme Chemical Resistance
  • Extreme Thermal Performance
  • Extreme Structural Performance
  • Extreme Wear Resistance
  • Extreme Corrosion Resistance


For this reason, the following high-performance plastics and composites from AIP’s extensive material library are frequently machined for this industry:


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