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Whether your part goes into a human heart, a Boeing 787 or 30,000 feet underground, AIP Precision Machining is unrivaled in manufacturing plastic components that have the highest level of quality and reliability.

Our years of experience crafting high-performance specialty plastics and thermoplastic components allows us to provide spot-on quality and precision while still delivering quick turn-around times and cost-effective results.

Whether you’re sourcing a skilled manufacturer for a pre-specified project or unsure on what’s best for your application, we’re the partners you want. We take pride in our process of figuring out how to not just meet your needs, but exceed them the first time, every time.

The Markets We Serve

Explore the technical expertise, quality care and precision that goes into each and every project;
with components present in virtually every market segment worldwide, AIP has the solution for you.

AIP is the one! From a customer design standpoint we really haven’t dealt with any competitors who can handle the tooling or do the same things from a machining standpoint.

Associate Engineer

JBT Aerotech

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