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Power and Energy Plastic Components: Precisely Made, Reliably Trusted

High-performance plastic components have innovated the power generation industry due to their lightweight design and ability to endure even the most hostile of conditions. Oil and gas industry machining in particular require the ability to withstand high temperature and high pressure, and unlike metal, plastic components neither corrode nor wear out in this industry’s harsh environmental climates.

The unique blend of electrical, wear, chemical and temperature resistance makes for a diverse series of applications for oil and energy, driving high-grade, technical advancements in oil-drilling and distribution, as well as providing applications for exploration, delivery process and development in offshore reserves.


Machining Applications for Power & Energy


AIP’s process ensures all products are manufactured from superior materials and specific to their particular application.
Some of those items include:

  • Connector Bodies and Boots Icon

    Connector Bodies
    and Boots

  • Pipe Centralizers Icon


  • Sealing Systems Icon


  • Valve Components Icon


  • Wear Products Icon

    Wear Products
    (Bearings, Yoke Bushings, etc.)



  • Land Rigs Icon

    Land Rigs

  • Submersible Rigs Icon

    Submersible Rigs

  • Drill Ships Icon

    Drill Ships

  • Pump Heads Icon

    Pump Heads

  • Pressure Heads Icon

    Pressure Heads

  • Railing Systems Icon

    Railing Systems

  • Brackets and Sleeves Icon

    Brackets and Sleeves

Setting the Standard for Power & Energy Plastic Machining


Meeting critical quality and reliability standards, AIP’s products are manufactured to survive hostile conditions, harsh climates, and corrosive chemicals. AIP’s equipment works exclusively with plastics, eliminating the risk of contamination, corrosion, and deterioration to ensure a high-performing, long-lasting product.


We are AS 9100 compliant; certified and registered ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards in our commitment to machining quality custom plastic components for the energy sector. Quality assurance is included as an integral part of our process and is addressed at every step of your project, from concept to completion.


In addition, AIP offers the unprecedented turnaround of 10 business days or less for your machined complex prototypes.


40+ Years of Precision Machining Expertise


Our expert team of engineering CNC machinists collaborates with you to select the right polymers and composites for your specific application. Choosing the correct thermoplastic material reduces downtime and yields long-lasting performance and reliability to ensure your plastic components will withstand the demand of unfriendly environments: a necessary quality for the power generation industry.


As a result, we ensure the precision plastics and composite materials chosen for power and energy manufacturing possess:


  • Extreme Chemical Resistance
  • Extreme Thermal Performance
  • Extreme Structural Performance
  • Extreme Wear Resistance
  • Extreme Corrosion Resistance


For this reason, the following high-performance plastics and composites from AIP’s extensive material library are frequently machined for this industry:


Learn how AIP machines high performance polymers into complex custom parts for the energy sector.

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