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Machining Polysulfone (PSU): A Plastics Guide

October 16, 2019

An Informational Brief on Polymer Machining   Among the many plastics AIP precision machines, PSU (Polysulfone) is a high-performance thermoplastic made from UDEL Resin.  This particular thermoplastic is able to retain its properties in temperatures ranging from -150°F (-100°C) to 300°F (150°C).  This precision machined plastic also has excellent radiation stability, chemical resistance as well as hydrolysis resistance for continuous use in hot water and steam.   In many applications,... Read More

Common Thermoplastics for the Specialized Industrial Sector

September 16, 2019

Specialized industries necessitate specialized materials.  Heavy industrial equipment requires materials with strength and resilience to handle high-loads.  Chemical processing applications, such as galvanic tanks or liquid storage tanks need high chemical and corrosion resistant materials.  On an amusement park ride, materials must be high-impact, weight-bearing and durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Although these are all various applications, AIP can precision machine composites to provide solutions for any project’s exact... Read More

Common Thermoplastics for the Power & Energy Industry

September 9, 2019

An Informational Brief on Polymer Machining   High-performance plastic components have innovated the power & energy industry due to their lightweight design and ability to endure even the most hostile of conditions. In particular, the oil and gas industry require components to have the ability to withstand high temperature and high pressure, and unlike metal, plastic components neither corrode nor wear out in this industry’s harsh environmental climates.   The... Read More

Machining Nylon (Polyamide): A Plastics Guide

September 6, 2019

An Informational Brief on Polymer Machining   One of the high-performance thermoplastics that AIP works with is NYLON:  a PA, or polyamide.  It is known for high strength, maintaining mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and chemical resistance.  This polymer was first introduced by DuPont in the 1930s following extensive research on polyesters and polyamides.  For this reason, polyamides comprise the largest family of engineering plastics with a wide range of... Read More

The History of Aviation Materials

July 18, 2019

Key Moments in Aircraft & Aerospace Innovation   Aviation technology has come a long way to get to where it is today. Over the course of the last century countless test flights, thousands of blueprints, and endless research from passionate minds have propelled the evolution of aircraft and aerospace technologies. Read on to discover how aviation materials have shifted to create a better, safer, and more efficient flight experience.  ... Read More


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