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Where Does This Part Go?

September 26, 2018

PPS Wheel Bushing | AIP Precision Machining   If you’ve been to a popular Florida amusement park, then it’s possible you’ve encountered the latest part starring in our “Where Does This Part Go?” series. Find out why this part really makes a “splash” in the section below…... Read More

Machining PPS: A Plastics Guide

August 30, 2018

An Informational Brief on Polymer Machining   Did you know that PPS (or Polyphenylene sulfide) products offer the broadest resistance to chemicals of any high-performance thermoplastic? It’s no surprise that this makes them a popular choice for industrial applications such as wheel bushings, chemical pumps, and compound clamp rings for semiconductor wafers.   What goes into machining this thermoplastic, however, and how does it differ from metal machining, injection molding, or... Read More

You Can’t Measure in Quality: Dave Eckroth Retires after 40+ Years in Quality Control

August 16, 2018

Company News: Retirement After 40 years in various Quality Control roles—from inspection, regulatory affairs, management, and HSE—Dave Eckroth has retired. Having spent 22 of his 40 years at AIP, his “going-away” party felt like saying goodbye to a family member, not a coworker. We all wish him a safe, happy, healthy and very long retirement.   Dave has been instrumental in the regulatory aspects of AIP’s business, such as attaining... Read More

What’s the Purpose of Annealing & Stress-Relieving Plastics?

July 24, 2018

  Ask the Plastics Professionals at AIP Precision Machining!   Do you know why AIP Precision Machining includes stress-relieving and annealing plastics as part of our machining process? We’ve talked about this a bit in our plastic machining guides (like our polymer machining brief on RADEL, but this post serves as a more thorough explanation of annealing does to improve your machined parts.   What’s the purpose of stress relieving and... Read More

Plastics in Aerospace: The Secret to Fuel-Efficient Aircraft

July 19, 2018

  How Aluminum Got Dethroned by Thermoplastics in Aerospace   Cup holders. Magazines. Suit cases. Aircraft engines. Here’s a riddle, what do these items all have in common? If you’re an aircraft operator, the answer is obvious: they all add weight, making them a drain on your fuel costs.   If weight is one of the main operating costs of an aircraft, then it’s no surprise that airlines want to... Read More


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