We’re Not Your Regular Machinists.

We Care.

Unforeseen requirements and complexity typically increases throughout the development process. AIP has proven to stay committed in providing solutions and holding critical tolerances while retaining the original design intent. Medtronic has received finished prototypes from AIP before receiving no-quote responses from other suppliers.

R&D Engineer


Here at AIP Precision Machining, we’re not your conventional machine shop. We offer state-of-the-art technology, extensive material expertise through our skilled and caring professionals and the utmost quality while delivering quick turn-around times and cost-effective results.

Our team of highly-skilled engineers, machinists and programmers aren’t just problem-solvers, they’re precision-machining craftsmen—they’ll believe in your project’s potential as much as you do. We take engineering consultancy seriously and will give an honest recommendation that’s best for the project over what’s best for AIP’s pockets.

We love what we do. With 40+ years of experience working with numerous different polymers and geometries, we’re ready to take on any customer challenge and we take pride in discerning the most appropriate material and process solutions to meet your needs, and with our expertise machining polymers into complex geometries, we aim to exceed your expectations every time.

Let’s get started.


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