• And The Winner Is

    AIP Precision Machining was awarded Bronze in the Implant and Tissue Replacement Products category for the supply and design of the Orthofix Ankle Compression Nailing System at the MD+DI’s 15th Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) Ceremony. The ceremony is the MedTech industry’s premier competition for medical device design and innovation.

    Bronze Award
  • Experience Matters

    AIP’s manufacturing engineers and machinist have decades of experience machining polymers. With this unmatched knowledge of a wide variety of plastic materials, we advise our customers in the design review process to ensure materials and requirements are ideally matched. We then put our engineering knowledge to work manufacturing parts that nobody else can.

  • Tackling Your Most Difficult Challenges

    At AIP Precision Machining we live for the challenge. Whether you’re improving on the existing or stumped on how to actually manufacture your breakthrough design, we’re the partners you want. Our favorite part is figuring out how to do it—and do it right.    

  • We don’t mind bragging, if it’s the truth.

    Your most complex challenges are our proving ground. Machining to extreme tolerances (.002 mm) with complex geometries is our bread and butter.  

Precision Machining Expertise

Whether your part goes into a human heart, Boeing 787 or 30,000 feet deep in the ground, AIP Precision Machining is unrivaled in manufacturing plastic components to extreme tolerances (.002 mm).

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures the highest level of quality and reliability. It’s our job to make sure your parts are made better than specification the first time and every time.

With over 30 years of experience, the experts at AIP combine material knowledge with advanced machining and manufacturing processes to solve your greatest challenges. We’re there for you from concept to prototype to full-scale production.

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