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PTFE (PolyTetraFluouroEthylene)

PTFE is a semi-crystalline high-performance thermoplastic. Offering excellent chemical resistance and sliding properties, PTFE finds many applications in seals, housings, linings, and bearings. Additionally, PTFE maintains very good UV resistance, hot water resistance, and electrical insulation at higher temperatures. There are several different modified PTFE materials available - each with unique properties. Many of the modified grades offer a greatly reduced deformation percentage under load, as well as a lower coefficient of friction. 

Common Trade Names: Tecaflon®, Fluorosint®, Rulon®, Teflon®

Reinforced PTFE

There are several grades of reinforced PTFE available. One of the most widely used is Fluorosint® modified PTFE.  Fluorosint® 207 is an FDA approved modified PTFE that is non-permeable in steam and has a relative wear rate 1/20th that of unmodified PTFE below 300 F (150 C).  Fluorosint® 500 has a slightly lower coefficient of thermal expansion and exhibits about 1/3 the deformation under load compared to Fluorosint® 207.  Fluorosint® MT-01 PTFE is an extreme grade developed specifically for applications where the benefits of PTFE-based materials also require strength, stiffness, and stability.  Additionally, there are several bearing grade PTFE materials that are optimized for high PV and very low "K" or wear factor.  

Common Trade Names: Fluorosint® 207, Fluorosint® 500, Fluorosint® HPV, Fluorosint® MT-01, IPM PTFE

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