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Medical PEEK Implants

Machined PEEK-OPTIMA® and SOLVAY ZENIVA® implants offer many benefits including:

  • Modulus that mimics human bone thereby reducing stress shielding
  • Tailored radiolucency or opacity
  • Excellent fusion
  • Proven safety and biocompatibility
  • Promotion of osseointegration
  • Superior compressive strength

Instead of injection molding PEEK implants, which can result in varying degrees of crystallinity, AIP machines PEEK-OPTIMA® and ZENIVA® using specialized machining techniques to add machined porosity which aids with bone in growth.

Our ISO 13485:2003 and FDA registered facility demonstrates our dedication to meet customers’ design and regulatory requirements.

We are experienced manufactures of the following types of PEEK implant designs: 

  • Vertebral Spacers
  • Aortic Heart Valve Frames
  • Screws and Anchors 
  • Dental Implants