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Orthopaedic Applications

AIP has extensive experience manufacturing highly complex targeting and fixation devices made from various forms of carbon-reinforced radiolucent biomaterials. 

The dimensional stability and radiolucent nature of carbon fiber filled materials is ideally suited for targeting and fixation devices. However, the unpredictable behavior of these materials during machining proves a challenge for even seasoned shops.

AIP has perfected the science of machining these challenging materials to exacting tolerances. After working extensively with these materials for decades, our skilled programmers and machinists understand how to mitigate the effects of the molecular instability of carbon-filled PEEK materials during machining. As a result, we produce products with complex geometries to near perfect positional tolerances while maintaining autoclave stability for thousands of cycles.

AIP manufactures a variety of custom components made from biocompatible materials including:

  • Radiolucent Carbon Fiber Guides
  • Custom Surgical Instruments
  • Carbon Fiber Implants
  • PEEK Optima Implants
  • ZENIVA PEEK Implants

From concept to production, one of our project engineers is dedicated to your project. Our experts collaborate with you to understand your problem, explore options, and produce the best solution. We help you optimize for cost reduction, manufacturability, and proper GDT.

Case Study

AIP provided early stage design assistance along with manufacturing process development and supply of a complex radiolucent carbon fiber targeting jig assembly to Orthofix.  The Orthofix Ankle Compression Nailing System is an ankle fusion nail device consisting of an implant, screws, and locking caps. The implant is inserted through the base of the calcaneus into the medullary canal of the tibia via a carbon fiber PEKK radiolucent  dual targeting arm.

“This is a tremendous honor for our company,” said John MacDonald, vice president at AIP Precision Machining. “Critical suppliers normally work behind the scenes and remain the unsung heroes of OEM product development. We are truly appreciative of both our OEM partner and the MDEA program for recognizing the efforts of critical suppliers.”