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Medical Applications

Inside the Operating Room or Inside the Body 

The medical industry demands product durability and cleanliness down to the sub-molecular level. AIP designs, heat-treats, and machines only plastics. Any sub-assemblies requiring metal work are processed at an outside facility. These policies substantially reduce potentially disastrous contamination and ensure the highest level of purity possible.

We understand how plastics, including carbon-fiber PEEK, PEI, PPSU, and a variety of PTFE compounds, react when machined.  Using our extensive knowledge and understanding of advanced manufacturing techniques, we precision machine medical components to within ten thousandths of an inch or less.

Our company is ISO 13485:2003 and FDA registered. We have been audited by some of the most stringent OEMs in the orthopaedic and medical device industries. Quality, accuracy, and durability are the norm at AIP. Our customers demand it.

  • Orthopaedic
  • Spine
  • Implants

Orthopaedic Applications

AIP has extensive experience manufacturing highly complex targeting and fixation devices made from various forms of carbon-reinforced radiolucent biomaterials. The dimensional stability and radiolucent nature of carbon fiber filled materials is ideally...

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Medical PEEK Implants

Machined PEEK-OPTIMA® and SOLVAY ZENIVA® implants offer many benefits including: Instead of injection molding PEEK implants, which can result in varying degrees of crystallinity, AIP machines PEEK-OPTIMA® and ZENIVA® using specialized...

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Spinal Applications

AIP Precision Machining is a qualified manufacturer of a variety of custom OEM components for the spine industry including: Because we work exclusively with plastics, our facility provides the cleanliness required by the most stringent medical product...

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