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Sunset with Oil Rig

Our products combat corrosion, withstand high temperatures, pressures, and meet critical quality and reliability standards required to survive increasingly hostile well conditions. Our processes ensure that products are manufactured from superior materials and are specifically manufactured for each application.

Our expert team of CNC machinists and manufacturing engineers collaborate with you to select materials for your specific application. Choosing the correct thermoplastic material reduces downtime by providing long lasting performance and reliability. Proper material selection ensures our components can withstand the demands of these hostile environments and harsh chemicals.

AIP partners with you from concept to prototype all the way through the manufacturing phase. We have the unique ability to machine complex components in our five and seven axis milling centers. Turning your designs into reality.

Using ultra high performance thermoplastic materials and compounds for your application, we produce components for the energy industry including:

  • Valve components
  • Connector bodies and boots
  • Sealing systems including wear and back-up rings, stem packing, rotary seals, and wipers
  • Wear products including bearing, yoke bushings, thrust washers
  • FPSO, ROV, and Christmas tree components
  • Insulators
  • Spacers 
  • Contact blocks
  • Hydraulic compensators
  • Flow line bundle spacers
  • Riser clamps
  • Stab plugs
  • Pipe centralizers

Combining our advanced materials knowledge and engineering design expertise makes AIP an energy industry leader for thermoplastic  products of unparalleled quality, reliability, and performance value.